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Export Toolkit


Fasah Platform

It is a joint online platform launched to serve importers and exporters. The export clearance and customs brokers were able to submit commercial data and documents related to export online, which facilitates the completion of the release procedures without the need to review the responsible authorities.

Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization

The site provides many online services for exporters of electrical products and building materials. The exporter can obtain the quality mark and certificate of conformity through the website.​

Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

The site contains important information regarding VAT. It also provides many useful guidebooks and online services for exporters.

To view the import and export guide, click here

Saudi Food & Drug Authority

The site offers many online services for exporters of food, medicine and cosmetics. It also provides many guidelines for ways to obtain important documents for exporters, such as: Certificate of export validity.​

Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

The exporter can obtain the coordinator code through the search engine on the Saudi Customs website. The site also offers many services and information, such as: customs clearance, customs declaration, and a list of restricted export goods.



Ministry of Interior

The exporter should deal with the Ministry of Interior to obtain permission to export dangerous goods such as chemicals, or flammable materials.​

Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture

An exporter wishing to export live or animal products must deal with the Ministry of Agriculture to obtain veterinary health card as a requirement to complete the export procedures.​



Council of Saudi Chambers

The exporter has to deal with the Chamber of Commerce to certify some export documents, such as: the commercial invoice, packing list or any other document that needs to be certified.​