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Pre Export Details

Pre-shipment loan provided to Saudi exporters to cover needs such as working capital, purchase of raw material, liquidity during shipment, etc.

Product Infographic

  • Supplier delivers raw materials to Local Exporter to be used for manufacturing and fulfilling export orders.
  • Partner Financial Institution makes a direct payment to the Supplier for the raw materials
  • Saudi Exporter completes shipment of finished goods to International Buyer
  • International Buyer issues the payment for the export order to the Saudi Exporter (or to Partner Financial Institution in case of assignment of receivables)
  • Local Exporters repays the value of the financing as per the agreed terms
  • Partner Financial Institution transfers excess funds (difference between value of finished goods and cost of raw materials) back to the Local Exporter

High-level process for requesting financing support


Required Documents

  • Application Form Download
  • Commercial Registration
  • Articles of Association
  • Completed KYC Forms Download
  • Corporate Structure (Subsidiaries, affiliates, Joint Ventures, etc.)
  • Audited Financial Statements (for the last 3 years)

Key contacts

Export Financing Team