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Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Alhakbani
Secretary General Saudi Export Development Authority

The national view of achieving sustainable wealth in KSA has been based on the belief that opening up to global markets, and having a unique Saudi product in the field of commerce and industry is one of the direct ways to achieve sustainable economic development. Thus, we, at the Saudi Export Development Authority "SAUDI EXPORTS", seek to develop Saudi exports in terms of quantity and quality, as well as serve those operating in this field, whether individuals, institutions, or companies. We will offer them consultancy and training opportunities, in addition to participating in global exhibitions and getting familiar with competitive products of the same kind and potential foreign markets. This matter would actively and productively contribute to the reinforcement and success of exported Saudi products.

As sustainable successes are the result of a clear vision and thought-out strategy, "SAUDI EXPORTS" has adopted an ambitious vision of developing diverse and globally competitive Saudi exports, and drafted clear roles to which it adheres to accomplish this vision through strengthening capacity, infrastructure and procedures for exporters, and enable national companies by enhancing the access and promotion of their products to strategic markets. "SAUDI EXPORTS" seeks to raise non-oil commodity exports to reach SR 330 billion, in addition to increasing the number of exporters by annual increase of 5% from 1190 to 1500, and reduce the average time of exporting by 50%, in addition to establishing a suitable platform among the three continents to create an environment that attracts local and international investors and enhance their confidence in the Saudi economy.

"SAUDI EXPORTS" aspires to turn its efforts and activities into a tangible added value to Saudi manufacturers, which will be reflected positively on our beloved country's economy in general. "SAUDI EXPORTS" will work with manufacturers and related governmental authorities in an integrated manner. It will, also, consult them at times, and work with them side by side to achieve the national interest we all care about.


May Allah accept our pure intentions for Him,​