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​The Saudi economic indicators exhibit tangible and spectacular success in which the private sector actively participated. This sector includes companies, institutions, and businessmen with various names, sizes, and capitals. The roles of other sectors in the state should not be overlooked; neither is their quest for reinforcing our national economy and achieving positive results in economic and development fields.

Based on such significance, the efforts of the government under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, may Allah bless him, resulted in establishing an independent organization under the name of (Saudi Export Development Authority). This authority is concerned with opening up to global markets, and employing all its economic capabilities to encourage Saudi products in international markets, leverage competitive quality, and reach new products in order to meet the current stage requirements.



To develop Saudi exports that are diverse and globally competitive.


To be a world-class export development entity that develops exporters, promotes exports, facilitates access to international markets, and advocates policies and strategies to encourage exports.

SAUDI EXPORTS Strategic Themes:

The Saudi Export Development Authority “SAUDI EXPORTS” is an independent national authority that seeks to develop Saudi non-oil exports. SAUDI EXPORTS hopes to do this by achiving 3 strategic themes in the Saudi export ecosystem:

1. Enhancing SME Export Readiness

SAUDI EXPORTS seeks to develop internal capabilities of exporters by providing them a set of training programs, workshops, and toolkits related to topics that include (among others) international strategy and marketing, export logistics, export policies and procedures, and international export regulations.

2. Generating Opportunities for Export Ready Businesses

SAUDI EXPORTS seeks to promote Saudi products in international markets by assisting exporters to attend international exhibitions and business missions.

3. Advocating Ecosystem Efficiency and International Market Access

In collaboration with relevant government agencies, SAUDI EXPORTS seeks to develop and improve the national export ecosystem by developing new (or improving existing) national policies and strategies, and to encourage exporters by contributing to resolve their domestic and international export challenges.