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 Exhibitions and Missions

Electricx Exhibition

Cairo, Egypt 06 - 08 Dec, 2015
Sector: All Type: Exhibition Location: Cairo, Egypt

The Forum has the wealth and depth by being backed up with over 23 years of excellent track record in developing and introducing the latest technologies in power, energy, security as well as new developments in automation and smartgrid. This makes it the right choice for manufacturers, system integration, consultants, government officials and decision makers to gather from the four corners of the world. The government recognition of this event, and the endorsement it cultivated throughout the years put the exhibitors at a strategic position close to decision making and in direct contact with the authorities in Egypt and in the region through the strong contacts of Egytec. In addition, the event is highly marketed locally and internationally and it will allow maximum exposure and visibility to the exhibitors whether during the event or through the various marketing material (both electronically and in print) before and after the event. Website link: Register Here