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 Export Toolkit


"Export to grow your business" Workshop

Due to the great importance of export in the development of business, SAUDI EXPORTS produced an educational material entitled "Exporting for Business Growth", which provided information on many topics in the field of export such as the concepts of international trade, the impact of exports on increasing sales and business growth opportunities, export as a risk diversification strategy and cost reduction, success factors in export markets, the most important considerations to for the export readiness to compete globally, national and foreign customs requirements for the export process and some tips for exporters on the best ways to reach foreign customers and services provided by the Saudi Export Development Authority.
To view the educational material, please click on the following link:

The Export U3 website

Export U3 is a collaboration between the University of Georgia's International Trade Center and the US Export Support Center in Atlanta. The site was developed with support from the US Department of Commerce through the Rural Export Initiative (REI) and with the help of some other sponsors. The site covers 12 different topics in the fields of export, including market information, cost calculation and international trade conditions. Under each topic, a free recorded training material is provided to explain the topic in English. You can take the test after completing the training materials. In case you pass the test, the site will provide you with a certificate. Taking advantage of the site’s content does not require registration.

The International Trade Center Academy for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs ITC Academy)

The International Trade Center Academy for Small and Medium Enterprises provides free awareness courses to educate exporters.
To benefit from the courses, you must register on the site using e-mail only.


Doroob is an e-training platform created by Hadaf and sponsored by the Ministry of Labor and Development in line with the Kingdom's vision. Doroob platform seeks to provide an appropriate and stimulating environment for work and creativity, and to invest modern technology in opening new horizons for developing skills and expertise. Accordingly, some courses were selected that help exporters understand some export-related topics, such as: negotiation.
Some of the courses on the platform are available in both Arabic and English.
To benefit from the courses, you must register on the site using e-mail only.