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Import Summery Report Food Products – Europe

15 Mar 2017@09:00 AM

standards and per capita income, demand for better quality and variety of food items grow. Till 2014, the global imports of food items saw an increase. But, recently due to the global slow down the imports witnessed a decline. Also, round the year variety of seasonal food items have influenced imports of food products a lot. Over the last five years, the Kingdom has witnessed rocketing global demand of its food products. While food products export from the Kingdom have demand in countries such as Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. There remain markets like Greece, Spain and Denmark which have excellent growth potential. This report looks into the total imports of food products in Europe vis-à-vis the Kingdom’s share in its imports. It also outlines countries having potential to become lucrative markets in near future for food products such as Cooking Oil & Fats, Fruit Juices & Beverages, and Cereals. Saudi Exporters are encouraged to carry their own in-depth analysis for better insights into import potential of any of these