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Import Summary Report - Packaging Asia

15 Mar 2017@08:00 AM

Imports of Packaging products in the Asia region witnessed a slightly steeper decline as compared to the decline in global imports of the industry. Tax reforms, change in raw material prices coupled with lower income levels and global slow down lead to fall in the demand of Packaging products which led to decline in its imports. The Kingdom witnessed a reduction in demand for its products as a result, the import of Packaging from KSA has decreased over the last five years. Plastic Sheets & Films, and Caps & Lids were the major constituent of the Packaging imports.This report looks into the overall imports of Packaging in Asia vis-à-vis the Kingdom’s share in the imports. It also outlines the import potentials in Packaging product categories such as Plastic Sheets & Films, Caps & lids, Cans, tanks & drums, and boxes & cartons. Saudi Exporters are encouraged to carry out in-depth analysis for better insight into import potential of any of these product categories.