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Import Summary Report -Italy

21 Sep 2017@12:00 AM

• Italy has the 4th largest GDP in entire Europe and 8th largest across the whole world. • Non-oil imports of Italy constituted 90% of its total imports of 2016, which has declined at an average rate of 1% since 2012. The top four non-oil industries imported by value Heavy Machinery & Electronics, Automobiles, Building Materials and Food Products. • Saudi Arabia, at present occupies a marginal share of less than 1% in Italy’s non-oil imports which have been declining at an average rate of 24% since 2012. The Kingdom prominently supplies Chemical & Polymers, Building Materials and Textiles to Italy. This report looks into Italy’s non-oil imports in the last five years vis-à-vis the Kingdom’s share in it. It also outlines the import potentials of the Kingdom in certain industries such as Heavy Machinery & Electronics, Building Materials, Chemicals & Polymers and Food Products. Services imported by Italy is not covered in this report.