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 “SAUDI EXPORTS” Launches its First International Participation to Encourage Exporters in 2015

calendar 1/10/2015 1:00 PM



30 Saudi Companies Showcase Competitive National Products through "ArabPlast"

"SAUDI EXPORTS" has launched its first participation in specialized international shows for current year 2015 by organizing the Saudi pavilion at the ArabPlast Exhibition held in Dubai, UAE, from 10-13 January. 30 companies are taking part in the Exhibition. They represent petrochemicals and plastics industries under sponsorship from the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation "SABIC" as a strategic partner. The Saudi participation aims to open new export markets for national businesses and finding proper platform to communicate with the present clients and to encourage national products to attract potential customers. This will add to the competitiveness of these corporations through platforms that simulate the targeted markets by promoting their products at international platforms like the ArabPlast Exhibition.

The ArabPlast Exhibition is one of the most important specialized exhibitions in the fields of plastics, petrochemicals and rubber industries. It is the largest of its kind in the Middle East and one of the most important outlets to the global markets. The products presented in the exhibition are highly competitive, due to the presence of a record number of participating companies exceeding 900 companies representing 41 countries. This reflects interest by the Gulf States in general and Saudi Arabia in particular in promoting investments related to plastics and rubber sector.  Such investments are considered long-term sustainable ones. It is expected that the number of visitors to the exhibition will reach more than 26000 from 107 countries. ArabPlast 2015 exhibition offers the latest manufacturing equipment and packaging solutions for plastics in addition to other relevant materials.

The "SAUDI EXPORTS" is looking forward to developing new opportunities for global expansion for the benefit of national companies amid significant growth in a number of key markets around the world. This can be realized by participating in specialized international exhibitions. The "SAUDI EXPORTS" called upon companies interested in exportation to set up strategic plans for international sales, and deal with exportation as a clear strategic attitude ensuring sustainable export and presence of Saudi products in the international markets. ​

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