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 Saudi Food Producers Attract Attention at the "Gulf food" Show

calendar 2/24/2016 12:00 PM


The Saudi Stand, sponsored by the Saudi Exports Development Authority "SAUDI EXPORTS", completed its participation in the "Gulf Food 2016" exhibition. The pavilion comprising 22 national companies, succeeded in attracting a large percentage of visitors, interested agencies and importers who visited the exhibition, which was held over three days at the World Trade Centre in Dubai, U.A.E.

The "SAUDI EXPORTS" has worked on preparing a competitive Pavilion that could attract many food industries based in the region and the world, as part of its ongoing efforts to open wider horizons and promising marketing outlets to exporters of national products in international markets. This will lead to strengthening and promoting the brand of the Saudi product, reinforcing and raising its efficiency, in addition to presenting it in a high quality to importers, putting the Saudi exporters in the environments of new markets, production techniques and new partnerships at both the regional and international levels. This will reflect positively on the local economy and contribute to the diversification of the productive base of the Saudi economy, thus diversifying sources of national income.

The food industry "Gulf food" exhibition is one of the biggest specialized exhibitions in the sectors of food production, beverages, hospitality, packaging equipment and basic materials in food industries in the Middle East and Africa. The exhibition included approximately 1500 exhibitors from various countries around the world, and attracted about 30,000 visitors.

The Authority hopes that its efforts and activities will be an added value to the Saudi manufacturers in a way that will positively impact the national economy in general and growth of national companies in particular through stimulating these companies and enabling them to develop their business in international markets and making use of the available opportunities. It intends to do so through training workshops offered throughout the whole year, or through participation in specialized international fairs organized by the "SAUDI EXPORTS" in many sectors, in addition to bilateral meetings and forums. For more information, please visit the website or social networking accounts @SaudiExports.

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