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 "SAUDI EXPORTS" releases a video series about the main export steps

calendar 9/17/2018 10:00 AM


​"SAUDI EXPORTS" continues to provide a range of activities and programs to encourage the national export system through raising the level and the readiness of export of enterprises and developing the capabilities of exporters by raising awareness of export, its procedures and its main steps. In the case of an enterprise has decided to get into the export field, and confirmed its readiness to this move, and examined the target foreign market and known the export requirements, and the ways to access to new markets and appropriate transportation, then the enterprise must be familiar with the export steps and its implementation mechanism. Therefore, "SAUDI EXPORTS" has prepared a series of introductory videos about the main export steps.

The main export steps are the important steps that the enterprise must know if it decided to enter the export field to save a lot of time and effort required by this process, the number of these steps is eleven major steps, the first of which is the completion of the sales process in which the exporter must issue the commercial invoice as an essential part of the sales process, passing through the additional export requirements. Where the exporter must make sure whether its products require additional approvals before export, then the step of proof of payment by providing a document proving that the buyer has paid the amount of the exported shipment.

This is followed by two steps the insurance coverage for the shipment and booking for the shipment, as there are many shipping methods, each with special procedures. Followed by the loading of the goods step and for each method of loading shipment has specific standards for loading the goods. Then the step of receiving the manifest from the navigational line/shipping agent where the exporter must send the shipment data to the shipping agent so that he can prepare the waybill called (the manifest) in both Arabic and English languages.

After that come the step of submitting documents to the customs broker as there are special documents that the exporter must submit when dealing with the customs broker for the first time. Then access to the customs clearance, issuing the customs declaration. After that comes the step of the procedures of loading and unloading, and the departure of the shipment by port, land, or airport. Finally, shipping documents are sent to the buyer, the required documents differ according to the shipping method, by sea, land or air. During September and October, "SAUDI EXPORTS" will publish all these steps in detail through its website and social networks where one video will be posted every Monday and Thursday.

It is worth mentioning that "SAUDI EXPORTS" invests all its capabilities to improve the efficiency of the export environment, develop export capabilities, promote exporters and their products, promote Saudi products and increase their competitiveness to international markets, reflecting the position of the Saudi product, and to be a support for the national economy in a manner that achieves the objectives of "SAUDI EXPORTS"  and reflects the Kingdom’s Vision for 2030, and meets the aspirations of the wise leadership in order to diversify sources of income for the national economy.

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