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 Sponsored by “SAUDI EXPORTS” Bilateral Memoranda Concluded with Spanish El Corte Inglés

calendar 2/3/2015 12:00 PM



Products of 9 Saudi Plants to Spain and Portugal Soon

Signing ceremony of several memoranda of understanding between a number of Saudi companies and the Spanish El Corte Inglés Company were held at headquarters of the "SAUDI EXPORTS" in Riyadh Yesterday. The signing of these memoranda is part of one of the most important services launched by the Authority, which caters for "the delegations of buyers" in order to promote the Saudi products to international companies, and to penetrate the international markets by the national products. The "SAUDI EXPORTS" organized bilateral meetings with the targeted national and international companies to create opportunities for quality Saudi products, and achieve a wider openness to the international markets. This will make the Saudi product a hallmark in the field of trade and manufacturing, and develop the quantity and quality of Saudi exports.

The agreements were signed by 9 national companies that have an extensive experience in the markets, in addition to the quality of their products, with El Corte Inglés Company, which is one of the major business groups in Europe. It has the largest department stores since 1890, with 300 branch shops and grocery markets in Spain and Portugal. Its sales scored over 70 billion riyals in 2013, and it is expected, based on the memoranda of understanding signed between the two sides, that the Saudi products will be present in "El Corte Inglés" after completing the procedures and the necessary requirements in accordance with the signed memoranda of understanding.

The Spanish delegation included the Director General of International Commerce and fast products and the General Manager of consumer products at the El Corte Inglés Company who were briefed on the national products in the factories and exhibitions of the Saudi companies that signed the bilateral memorandum of understanding with the group. The bilateral memoranda also included a number of Saudi companies, such as the Plastics National, Arabian Oud, Nadeed Al-Washm Dates Company, Anisa Dates Farms, Al-Saree' Trading and Industry Group, Atmar Dates, Chocolate and Gifts Company, Oasis Juice Factory, Shumu' Al-Madi Food Company, and Saad Eddin Sweets Company.

The "SAUDI EXPORTS" is seeking to help the national products in accessing international markets to make the development of export growth one of the main sources of income diversification for the public and private sectors. This also helps to increase production, which in turn will help to reduce the cost of production, as such leading to the reduction of the cost price for the plant. The Authority is also seeking to develop exporters' capabilities by providing a range of training programs and workshops relevant to the international strategy for export, marketing, logistic procedures, export policies and procedures, and regulations of international export, or by giving exporters the opportunity to attend international exhibitions and trade missions to market their products.

The "SAUDI EXPORTS" aspires that its efforts and activities be an added value to the Saudi manufacturers, which in turn reflects positively on the overall national economy, by working together with the manufacturers, and the relevant government authorities.

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