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 Saudi Exports Initiativess

​​​​In an effort to fulfill the aspirations of the wise leadership towards diversifying the sources of income for the national economy to reach a future Bright and sustainable economy, Saudi Exports is working on the following initiatives:

Improve the efficiency of the export environment

The initiative aims to understand the needs of exporters and spread the culture of export among them, as it focuses on solving the challenges Facing and supporting them with support services and qualified human resources to raise their level of satisfaction with the export environment

The most prominent projects:

  • Reviewing and developing export-related policies and legislations.
  • Governance of export prevention and restriction procedures.
  • Project of foreign trade practices affecting Saudi exports.

Development of export capabilities of Saudi enterprises

The initiative aims to educate exporters of export policies and procedures in the Kingdom and help them to promote and raise Their export readiness and increase the competitiveness of their products globally through training programs and financial aid And advisory

The most prominent projects:

  • Saudi Export Incentive Program.
  • A project for developing a service for training certificates program in the export field.
  • Project for developing detailed evaluation and consulting services for exporters.

Promoting exporters and their products and creating export opportunities for them

The initiative aims to create export opportunities for exporters, select markets appropriate for their products, and link them with buyers Potential in international markets, the initiative focuses on raising awareness of Saudi products and improving the mental image about her.

The most prominent projects:

  • Development and implementation of the Made in Saudi Arabia program.
  • Draft study reports for the targeted markets on demand.
  • The project of establishing international offices for Saudi exports.
  • E-Promotion project for exporters.

The establishment of the Saudi Import and Export Bank

The initiative aims to establish an independent bank to finance exports, with a capital of 30 billion riyals, through financing both Domestic exporters and foreign importers according to the best international practices in the field of export financing, thus It contributes to filling the financial services gaps provided to the import and export sector, and "Saudi Exports" operates today ​On the establishment of the Saudi Import and Export Bank.