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Express Your Opinions

It is not sufficient for us, at Saudi Exports, to develop our customer services, but we also devote great attention to their opinions, suggestions and complaints.

We recognize that you may have specific suggestions, demands or complaints due to unintentional error, misunderstanding or difference of viewpoints. So, we established a Customer Care Unit to receive your requests, to investigate your complaints, to follow up solving them with the departments concerned in the company, and to inform you of the fair and shortest time solutions.

 Mechanism for Communication

If you have any viewpoints on the services provided by Saudi Exports, please do not hesitate to send them immediately to the "Customer Care Unit" through any of the following means of communication:

Call Center:

+966 92 000 7355


 To enable us to consider your complaint fully and quickly, you will need to provide the following information:

. An explanation to the situation that led to the complaint.

. Your company CR.

. A name and contact number or e-mail address.

. Any new information not currently in Saudi Exports' possession that may have a bearing on our understanding of the complaint.

It is worth noting here that precise information leads to fast response.


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